Plinko Games for Real Money in Indian Online Casinos

Plinko Games for Real Money in Indian Online Casinos

Plinko is a simple game of chance in which the player must make a bet and click on the button to release the ball from the top of the board. Plinko game online in India has its origins in an original TV show, which first aired in the 80s. Since then, many game variations have been produced for television, amusement parks, bars, and brick-and-mortar casinos. With the emergence of online casinos, Plinko was developed for online gamblers, but since it was behind video slots and table games in popularity, only a few studios developed Plinko online games such as Spribe and BGaming. This ball game requires making a few decisions in line with the player’s expectations for the frequency and size of winnings. You will find this and other helpful information in this review.  


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Sukriti K. Written & published: 07.05.2023 By author Sukriti K.

Plonko game facts

✅ Game Type: Arcade Game
⭐ Provider: Spribe, BGaming, Turbo Games etc.
📱 Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
❤️️ Return to Player: 97% – 99%
💵 Min./Max. Bet: $0.10 – $100

Plonko interface

  • Plonko interface
  • Plonko interface
  • Plonko interface
  • Plonko interface

What is Plinko?

Plinko variations differ in minor aspects, but basically, they have the same underpinning concept. There is a digital board (triangular or square) with a set of pegs placed at regular intervals. Using controls near the board, a player adjusts a bet size, changes other important settings, and commands the ball to trigger. After that, the ball appears at the top and starts sliding down. As the board has dozens of pins, the ball bumps up against them and changes its direction, so it is a challenging task to predict where it finally lands at the bottom.  

Spribe Plinko Review 

Opening the game, you will see a light blue board with a pyramid-shaped field on which the pegs are positioned in rows. The ball starts its movement from the top. It bumps against the pins and finally drops in one of the cells at the bottom. There are three rows of multipliers at the bottom, which are aimed at three risk levels to be explored in detail below. 

At the top right corner, you will see a hamburger button with menu items which are standard across all the Spribe games. Here, you can watch the game rules, see the game limits (min/max bet size), turn the sound on/off, and also check if there are any free bets available. Regarding the last option, some online casinos can offer bonuses for this game, also known as free bets. So if you want to get them, check out the Free Bets section at times.


  • Chain launch of Plinko balls 

    The Plinko online game allows releasing of multiple balls simultaneously without waiting for the first ball to land. So you can click the Red, Yellow, and Green buttons in any sequence and as fast as you want, and the balls will drop from the top one by one. This is an interesting option, but you should keep track of your bankroll because the next thing you know is that your balance is zeroed by the chain of balls.  

  • Provably Fair settings in Spribe Plinko

    All Turbo games by Spribe, including Plinko, are provably fair. If you want to check the fairness of any ball, click on the green shield icon near the ball outcome and verify the seeds and hash. Watch instructions on how to do this in the game menu.  

Adjusting Risk Level in Spribe Plinko

Almost every video slot has fixed volatility. This means you might suggest how often you are going to hit winning combinations before you begin playing. In low-volatility slots, symbols match up frequently, almost every spin, but they produce low cash amounts—and the converse is also true for high variance. In Plinko from Spribe, the level of volatility can be adjusted manually, which means the win-lose ratio will also change. So if you choose the Red (high) volatility by tapping the Red button, you will get the related winning from the red row of multipliers. The same applies to the Green (low) and Yellow (medium) options. 

Playing at the High-Risk level, you will lose more often than you win, but the winning amounts tend to be higher. Here is what you can expect in the high-variance mode:

  • Three losing multipliers: 0, 0.2, 0.5
  • Five winning multipliers: 2.1, 5.3, 14, 49, 353

The figures above are valid for a 14-pin configuration (more on this later). The distribution of winnings and losses is different for the low volatility:

  • One losing multiplier: 0.5
  • One breakeven outcome: 1
  • Six winning multipliers: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.6, 3.2, 18

Spribe Plinko: The number of pins

Much like the player can choose between three volatility options, they can also set the number of peg rows on the Plinko board: 12, 14 or 16. Any change in this parameter leads to the following modifications:

  • The number of coefficients is 13, 15, and 17
  • The balls reach the bottom a bit later with a 16-peg layout; thus, your session will be a little longer
  • The coefficients change their values

Talking about the volatility in the previous part, we covered only the three risk levels. Changing the number of pegs will also affect the volatility since a new set of coefficients comes into play whenever you switch between 12, 14, and 16 pins. Let’s compare payouts at the Normal level when playing with 12 (min) and 16 (max) pins:

  • 12: 0.3, 0.7, 1.2, 1.7, 3.1, 8, 25
  • 16: 0.2, 0.7, 1, 1.2, 2.3, 4.5, 12, 61, 118

Bet sizes and payouts in Spribe Plinko

Online casino users who want to play Plinko for real money should consider the $0.1—$100 limit set per ball. The game rules read that operators can change these limits, so you will likely find different betting options across gambling sites. Sadly, payouts have a $10,000 cap, regardless of the bet size. This means some multipliers will not be fully awarded under certain conditions. For example, you will not get $55,500 if betting $100 and landing the ball at the extreme right or left cell at the High Volatility mode; your loot will be cut at $10,000.

Sure, hitting giant multipliers is of a very low probability, so in 99.9% of situations, the previously written cap will hardly affect you. If playing in the low-risk level, you can win x0.4 to x35 ($0.04 to $3500, depending on your bet). For the Yellow mode, the awards range between x0.2 and x118, while for the Red multipliers, the prizes can be between x0.2 and x555.

Plinko XY by BGaming 

This Plinko variation looks similar to the Spribe game, but still, some features make it more streamlined and attractive for players than Spribe’s creation. Loading the game, you will see the triangular board filled with pegs. The overall visual style is minimalistic, and the user controls at the bottom are clear and intuitive. Near the Plinko board, you can see the Lines selector as well as the buttons to set your next round. The game has a high winning cap fixed at $100,000, ten times as high as Spribe’s title.

Betting options in BGaming Plinko  

The Plinko game online for real money features manual and automatic betting. Whichever you choose, the min/max limits are $0.10 and $100 per ball. If you want to get dozens or hundreds of balls triggered one by one, the automode can be helpful. At the bottom right, tap Auto and pick the desired number of balls (10—1000). After you confirm the selection, the automatic mode starts, with the balls being released in quick succession at a one-second interval. You can tap Stop at any time if you want to cancel the Auto or put it on pause. Note that after clicking Auto for the second time, the ball count will reset and starts from the value you have initially preset.

Payouts in BGaming Plinko

Every payout in the Plinko online game is calculated by multiplying the bet by the coefficient of the cell where the ball has landed. For example, if the ball lands into an x1.5 pocket and you have bet $1, you will be awarded $1.5 (inclusive of the bet). The top three payouts in the BGaming release are $100,000 (High level), $13,000 (Normal), and $11,000 (High). Notably, there’s no cap on winnings whatsoever. 

Game volatility and risk levels

The online Plinko by BGaming has adjustable volatility, making it a perfect option for all categories of players. If you prefer frequent but small winnings, consider checking the Low-Risk Level option. For increased volatility, turn on the Normal or High mode, where you have a chance to grab a higher win coefficient. To make things clearer, below is listed the breakdown of multipliers for each risk level on a 12-peg layout:

  • Low: 0.5, 1, 1.1, 1.4, 1.6, 3, 10 (one miss, one breakeven, five wins)
  • Normal: 0.3, 0.6, 1.1, 2, 4, 11, 33 (two misses, five wins)
  • High: 0.2 (two times), 0.7, 2, 8.1, 24, 170 (three misses, four wins)

Moreover, a player can also regulate (reduce or increase) the number of rows on the Plinko field. But contrary to only three options in the Spribe release, the BGaming Plinko offers as many as nine layouts with 8 to 16 peg levels. Let’s review the High coefficients at the minimum and maximum levels:

  • 8 lines: 0.2, 0.3, 1.5, 4, 29
  • 16 lines: 0.2 (three times), 2, 4, 9, 26, 130, 1000

Winning odds in BGaming Plinko

This Plinko gambling game has an awesome feature that will tell you more than thousands of words and math calculations. When you hover a cursor over any coefficient, you will see the chances of its being hit. This lets you figure out what game mode to stick to based on your betting style and volatility bias. The list below illustrates the game chances on the Normal level, with ten lines enabled:

  • 0.4: 24.6%
  • 0.6: 41%
  • 1.4: 23.4%
  • 2: 8.8%
  • 5: 2%
  • 22: 0.2%

So to summarise the list: Two out of three balls will be losing, and the probabilities of hitting x5 and higher are 2.2%. You can make the same calculations for other game modes. Let’s review the winning odds for the easiest game mode, Low, 16 pins:

  • 0.5: 19.6%
  • 1: 35%
  • 1.1: 24.4%
  • 1.2: 13.3%
  • 1.4: 5.5%
  • 1.4: 1.7%
  • 2: 0.36%
  • 9: 0.05%
  • 16: 0.003%

Plinko tips and strategies

There’s very little a player can do to win more in the long run since the house edge cannot be beaten. Still, one can leverage the existing bankroll, make it last longer, and even have some winnings. Try the listed tips and pieces of advice that can help you play smarter:

  • Adjust the volatility before placing real-money bets. This is crucial for finding a balance between the value of cash prizes and their frequency.
  • Use the Auto Betting option carefully and avoid setting too many automatic rounds; otherwise, you risk running out of your bankroll.
  • Play Plinko online for free before switching to a real money mode.
  • Do not try to find any consistency in the sequence of multipliers which have been hit previously. Basing your bets on some “patterns” that you allegedly see there can lead to a loss.
  • You can launch multiple balls in seconds flat by clicking the button as many times as needed (one click triggers one ball).


Plinko casino games are for players who want easy entertainment with no skill involved. There’s something mesmerising in watching the ball drop slowly and approach a high multiplier cell at the bottom. The only decisions to make in a Plinko casino game are to change the board configuration (# of pins), risk level, and bet size. The most popular game versions were released by BGaming and Spribe; both are excellent but have minor drawbacks, so you are encouraged to compare them and find the best match. The highest possible win is $100,000 and $10,000, respectively, and bet sizes start at 10 cents in both games. Find top Indian online casinos with Plinko on this page. 

Plinko casino game FAQ

What is Plinko?

Plinko is a ball and board game where a ball, dropping from the top, finally rests on a certain multiplier, thus determining how much the player is going to win.

How to play Plinko?

You need to select a bet size, risk level, and the number of pins. Then, you trigger one or more balls and watch where they land. The landing slot will determine the amount you’ve won.

How much can I win in Plinko?

BGaming’s Plinko has the max multiplier of x1000, which translates into $100,000 at the top bet. Spribe’s Plinko has a higher max coefficient, but its winnings are limited to $10,000 per ball (subject to variation in casinos).

Can I bet cryptocurrency in Plinko?

Yes, you can. If the casino you are playing accepts crypto, you can make crypto bets in Plinko.

Which Plinko is better: from BGaming or Spribe?

This is down to preference. The Spribe version limits the max win to $10k, but it has a better graphic design than the BGaming release. In fact, the differences between them are minor, so it’s up to you.

Are there any Plinko tips?

As the game is elementary, the player can do very little to impact their winnings. One of the most helpful tips is to tune up the game's volatility to walk a fine line between hit frequency and the amount of one cash win.